they have to have to get federal funds for roads

Every single state in this country has a limit of 0.08 it's what they have to have to get federal funds for roads.OK one at a time.First, I have never EVER, not even once in my life, ever driven after drinking one drop of alcohol, so don't start there, replica Panerai PAM00050 Men's watch please.Second, there's many kinds of “mistakes” would we be hearing that if TLR's “mistake” had been to rape and murder someone? I don't THINK so.TLR is a mature, intelligent, very educated 62 year old man, not some teenager who thinks he's above God and the law and immortal and immune to consequences.He KNOWS there is a connection between drinking alcohol and impairment of driving abilities.

He threw 45 pitches in the 3rd inning, and Mills hadn't gotten anyone up.I wondered how long it was gonna be before he did…Anyway, Moyer didn't have any more trouble for his other 3 innings.Sampson pitched a scoreless 6th.Then, with the replica Longines L2. Ladie's watch Astros leading, Brandon Lyon, the setup guy came in to preserve the W and gave up a walk to Utley, then a mammoth homer to Ryan Howard that hit the facade way over the Conoco Pump and it went a LOT farther than the he was credited with.

He also knows very well that if he doesn't himself be reasonable about contracts and deferring money, we can't keep our good players, and he wants us to.Or replica Cartier we5002x2 watch so he SEZ.And he doesn't strike me as the A-Rod sort who spouts carefully rehearsed phony baloney politically correct bs, even if they do have the same agent… I hope I haven't been star-struck…By the way…1) I assumed Carlos would not be going to the Orioles regardless of dough because of his statement that he wants to go to a team that wins every year and the Orioles haven't?

Fact is that TLR was out late at night, he was drinking

Fact is that TLR was out late at night, he was drinking, and instead of calling a cab, he decided to drive after he had been drinking.And lets not forget to include if he was with friends, they didn't see anything wrong with him doing just that.Fortunately for other people who happened to be out driving, TLR didn't fall asleep drunk with his foot on the replica Panerai PAM00112 Men's watch gas instead of the brake.I've read all sorts of columns and comments about this and I sure do read a lot of “well, he just made a mistake and he needs support” and a whole lot of “well, how many of you criticizing TLR for doing this haven't done the same thing your own self or made mistakes your own self” or “well, it's his first DUI” not, well, it's the first time he ever drove drunk impaired.

(no 10 year contracts, duH)Fact Everett is first year arb he could easily be given a like 4 year contract that wouldn't be super expensive.Another Fact Kent ain't worth keeping to give up Beltran and he's good, but he ain't THAT good.He CERTAINLY ain't worth losing good, young players over a 1 year contract.It was replica Cartier w200728g watch worth losing John Buck, our very good A catcher (and our only decent catching prospect) to get Carlos.An opinion Roger Clemens had the time of his life this year.When Andy Pettitte went down, Roger really started hanging with the young guys and teaching them and he found out that adoration isn't limited to fans.He also LOVES being what made Houston turn into a baseball town this year.

He had great support from Boston and NY fans, but this is a whole different level.So I would be REALLY, replica Cartier wb509731 watch surprised if he's not back.Conclusions: Carlos is gonna get wined and dined by everyone with dough.He likes Houston, but is gonna see how we handle the contracts of the players we already have before he signs on the dotted line.He has ALREADY done the big fish in the small pond thing and he doesn't want to go there again, dough or no dough; can't blame him one bit, especially now that he's tasted the postseason.

The numbers tossed around regarding contracts were 105 mill 6 years before the comeback

The numbers tossed around regarding contracts were 105 mill 6 years before the comeback and 120 mill 7 years after (Bagwell money.)2) Carlos was quoted as saying that he didn't want to sign if they didn't re-sign Berkman, Oswalt and (believe it or not) Adam Everett (that boy has an replica Cartier w3019351 watch glove and is a very good ballplayer not all shortstops are HR hitters, ya know…) Who can blame him? No point in being a straw if there ain't no drink to stir.Right, Reggie?3) I had forgotten this, but the team refused to consider signing Berkman to a long term contract this spring, his second arb year.That was mucho stupido.He has had 4 years of excellence, in the top 10 of every offensive category for 4 years running and was MVP runner up in 2001.

(He couldn't beat out u-know-who either, Albert.)4) The columnists are talking about bringing Kent back at a lower price and trading Burke for pitching (stupid beyond belief) but I replica Cartier w20098d6 watch doubt it.5) The columnists seem pretty sure that Roger will be back no direct quotes, of course.Fact Berkman is 28 and has been in the top 10 of ballplayers for 5 years and needs to be signed (but NOT for 8 years) to a good deal.We don't exactly have anyone to replace him.Not all ballplayers go into serious decline immediately after turning 27.It's not like the law of gravity.Fact Roy (just turned 27) is one of the top 10 pitchers in the NL, has been since he came up in 01 and needs to be signed?to a?long term deal because?he's 1 year from FA.

KEWL!Keppinger had a 4 pitch walk (I was surprised they had him in against a lefty, but youneverknow) and then Hunter Pence FINALLY got a good swing on a pitch and hit it over the tracks onto Crawford Street.Yeah, it did go over I saw it.Milo obviously didn't I heard the replay.Then the next 4 guys each singled and it was replica Longines L5. Ladie's watch Astros 5, Phils 4 when Quintero grounded out, leaving bases loaded.Yes, you read that right.The Astros FINALLY led in a ballgame!Paulino struggled with his command (what IS it with the Astros pitchers not being able to throw strikes??) and gave up 4 walks, 3 hits, 4 K and 3 ER over 5 IP, going to 3 ball counts on 6 of the 23 hitters.

This is third time that TLR has had a team in the WS that sank like a stone I remember the 1990 series with the Reds

Etc.Managing wuzzat? This is third time that TLR has had a team in the WS that sank like a stone I remember the 1990 series with the Reds.This year, it's the third vorst, same as the first…I STILL have not decided who to give the Most Valueless Player replica Cartier w6600121 watch award to….Cards Fans, I'm so sorry.It's hard to enjoy a ball game when your team doesn't show up to play…Thank y'all for all the emails about Carlos Beltran.I went and re-read all the Houston Chronicle columns mentioning him.Now keeping in mind that the local writers basically do NOT criticize the team, the players or the moves the manager makes, I got the following:1)

As a backup OF in 99, he played in 108 games, but didn't hit as well, going .228 with a .420 BA.He was one of the few bright spots in the dim year 2000, lUVving the Box, going .314 with a .636 SLG 42 doubles, 3 triples, 44 HRs, and he was replica Panerai PAM00049 Men's watch rewarded with a 4 year 32 mill contract, buying out his arb years and the first year of FA.Bad gamble.He was merely mediocre the first year a 104 OPS+, was lousy the second year with a 93 OPS+ and managed a last hurrah in 2003 hitting .302 with a .572 SLG although he only hit 22 homers.In 2004, he sank out of sight with a .239 BA and a .412 SLG.

He didn't walk very much and struck out a lot not quite Preston Wilson a lot, but almost as much.This ST he batted .136 with 1 HR and too many Ks.What little I saw of his arm was NOT impressive.He looked 40, not 30.Sigh.And talking of bad, Jason Jennings stunk it up today limp FB 8 hits (including a leadoff homer and 3 doubles) replica Panerai PAM00024 Men's watch, 4 ER in 5 IP.And talking more about bad, I wanna talk about driving after drinking, which is bad.Let me say, first of all, that I know that when it comes to celebrities it's just Animal Farm all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.Next, I am not talking about this just because TLR is the Cards manager I would be talking about this if the offender was the, say, Mariners manager or the Marlins manager or the ASTROS manager.


the dial that is used replica Gucci YA055201 Men's watch for some of the functions around the dial

McQueen famously wore the Heuer Monaco in his 1970s film "Le Corum 396-157-47-0F08-EB30R Watch Mans" and Heuer has really been running with that ever since.Even just a few years ago, Heuer was using McQueen in their print ads.The Heuer Monaco, known for its square case and angled chronograph pushers, is actually the coolest Heuer ever made, if you ask us.Even today, we consider the Monaco the pinnacle of Heuer's lineup.Let's talk about the vintage Monacos though.

The chronograph function measures 1 100 of a second time. The hands of the watch are similar to those on the new 2009 Aerospace watch that are longer and have counterweights. I prefer the traditional Aerospace watch where only the second hand has a counter weight, but this is a minor point. Like the standard Breitling watch, the dial is cluttered with indicators from the slide rule around the dial that is operated via the rotating bezel. What Breitling does is place a chronograph seconds hand on the dial that is used replica Gucci YA055201 Men's watch for some of the functions around the dial. This is a unique touch that helps add a lot of increased functionality to this hybrid digital analog watch.With a 43.5mm wide highly polished steel case, Breitling fans will feel at home with the shiny fit and finish. The textured dial will be available in black, silver, or gray.

It is possible to keep track of two time zones, but instead of utilizing a fourth hand like other GMT watches, nevertheless, the P'6750 uses an indicator window placed at 9 o'clock on the dial to display the secondary time zone, and an additional indicator replica (Louis Vuitton)LV rubber band watch window at three o'clock to choose the time zone by city. The distinctive features are driven by an Eterna ETA Valgranges automatic movement, enclosed in a titanium case in either matt finish or with black PVD coating.